Books to Read with Your Child About Separation and Divorce

By Donna Cheswick, CDFA® On 10/02/2019

Following is a partial listing of various books specifically for children who are coping with the effects of separation and divorce. Books can help children identify and deal with the loss, anger, fear, and uncertainty that they may be experiencing and can help them understand the situation on their own level. Books can also help parents speak the words and emotions that they may have a hard time expressing clearly.

Children under age 5

• My Family's Changing, By Pat Thomas (link)
• Two Homes, By Claire Masurel (link)
• Dinosaur's Divorce, By Laurene Krasny Brown and Marc Brown (link)
• It’s Not Your Fault, Koko Bear By Vicki Lansky (link)
• Was It the Chocolate Pudding? By Sandra Levins and Bryan Langdo (link)
• Mom and Dad Break Up, By Joan Singleton Pristine

Children Ages 5-10
• Let's Talk About it: Divorce, By Fred Rogers (link)
• I Don't Want to Talk About It, By Jeanie Franz Ranson (link)
• At Daddy’s on Saturdays, By Linda Walvoord Girard (link)
• It's Not The End of the World, By Judy Blume (link)
• The Boys and Girls Book About Divorce, By Richard Gardner (link)
• When Mom and Dad Separate, By Marge Deegaard (link)
• All About Divorce, By Mary Blitzer Field

Children Ages 10 - 14
• How it Feels When Parents Divorce, By Jill Krementz (link)
• My Parents Are Divorced, Too, By Melanie, Annie and Steven Ford (link)
• The Divorce Express, By Paula Danziger (link)

• Everything You Need to Know About Your Parents’ Divorce, By Linda Carlson Johnson (link)
• Why Me? A Teen Guide to Divorce and Your Feelings, By Rachel Aydt (link)
• No Easy Answers: A Teen Guide to Why Divorce Happens, By Florence Calhoun (link)
• How to Get It Together When Your Parents Are Coming Apart, By Irene Willis and Arlene Richards (link)
• When Parents Split Up . . . How to Keep Yourself Together, By Alys Swan-Jackson

Check online to read a brief description of the topics each book covers to help determine which may be the most appropriate for your child. Don’t forget to utilize your local library to borrow one or more of these titles as needed.

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