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Certification Renewal

CDFA Certification Renewal

Annual Reinstatement Fee

As a condition of retaining the certification and rights to use the marks CDFA and CERTIFIED DIVORCE FINANCIAL ANALYST.  CDFA professional's must pay the annual reinstatement fee of $195. This fee is non-refundable, and does not guarantee reinstatement. All renewal requirements must be satisfied to be reinstated. This fee must be paid on the IDFA website.

Continuing Education Requirement

CDFA professional's must complete fifteen (15) hours of divorce-related Continuing Education (CE) over the course of the next two years, and submit evidence of CE completion to IDFA for approval.  One hour of CE credit will be granted by IDFA for each actual hour I attend:  (1) financial seminars on divorce; (2) local or state bar association sponsored course; (3) mediation training; or (4) the Advanced Institute offered by IDFA.  Additional CE credits may be obtained by teaching classes on divorce or by completing correspondence courses on the subject of divorce. Continuing Education hours must be reported on the IDFA website prior to reinstatement date.

Reinstatement Date

CDFA professionals have an annual reinstatement date is the 1st of the month in which you received your Designation. The reinstatement fee is due annually on this date, and continuing education hours are due biennially on this date. Failure to pay reinstatement fee or complete continuing education requirement prior to reinstatement date will result in expiration of certification.   

Expired Certification

Allowing the certification to expire will result in removal from the IDFA website and relinquishment of rights to use marks Certified Divorce Financial Analyst and CDFA. Members have two years from the original date the certification expired to get back in good standing with IDFA by paying outstanding reinstatement fees and catching up continuing education requirements. Failure to get back in good standing after two years will result in being required to purchase and re-take the final exam, in addition to paying outstanding reinstatement fees and catching up continuing educaton requirements. Certifications more than five years expired will result in being required to purchase and re-take the course.