IDFA News Release: New Sponsorship Director

By Carol Lee Roberts On 08/30/2021

IDFA News Release: IDFA President Carol Lee Roberts would like to officially welcome Peter Ramis to the IDFA Family as our new Director of Partnerships.

Peter brings over 20 years of senior management experience in the education and financial services industries to his new role at IDFA. He has served as the VP of Strategy & Partnerships with Kennedy Executive Education and before that, served for over 9 years as the Regional Manager for YouVisit, a start up company that grew to become one of the largest in their industry that creates cutting edge virtual tours for colleges and universities worldwide. He has also served on several boards for nonprofit organizations actively involved in the South Florida Community helping youth and their families.

“I am very excited to join IDFA, as it’s a great organization with an outstanding reputation thanks to its outstanding leadership, serving a critical role in raising the educational standards for financial professionals to serve their clients during what is most likely their most difficult time of their lives dealing with extremely delicate financial decisions as they contemplate divorce.  Having unfortunately gone through divorce myself, I understand how important it is for those impacted to get the best professional advice so that both parties come to a fair and equitable resolution that will create a foundation for an amicable and financially prosperous future for all involved.”  Peter’s primary focus will be to help us grow our organization along with serving our members by continuously looking at ways to add to our value proposition. 

Please join me in welcoming Peter as he can be reached at

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