Christina Lynn CDFA®, BA

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Christina has built a financial services business based on her passion for helping women overcome life challenges, like divorce, and pave the way for a bright financial future.

She decided to specialize in divorce financial planning because of her personal experience in a complex, messy divorce.  Unfamiliar with her family finances, she went through a divorce with unclarity, confusion and anxiety. With kids in the mix, emotions were high, and the facts were unclear.  She wanted to take her experience from a bad situation, learn from it, and help others avoid the sort of mistakes that she made.

For those clients still in the divorce process, the first priority is to make sure that the division of assets is fair.  With specialized divorce financial planning software, Christina produces reports that show the financial outcomes, both short term and longterm, of a settlement proposal.  It's far easier to see a color coded graph that illustrates what proposals look like, than trying to interpret excel spreadsheets.  It's also a powerful tool to deter the case from escalating to court.

After the divorce is finalized, she finds joy in empowering women to heal from the financial disruption of divorce, and rebuild for a healthy financial future.  Christina prides herself on maintaining honesty with her clients and never over-promising or under-delivering. 

Effective retirement planning is always the end goal, as well as the minimization of taxes. Christina became a qualified tax preparer because of her interest in tax minimization. She stands by the fact that none of us should pay more taxes than necessary. So there is no better way to combat tax over payment than with extensive knowledge on the subject.

Are you confident that your children from a previous marriage will be treated the same as the children you have with your new spouse?  Are you concerned that one child may hold a grudge when they find out how the assets are split? As a CEP® (Certified Estate Planner®), I also educate my clients on estate planning for blended families. 

If you are ready to take the next steps insuring your bright financial future, reach out today.