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Divorce is extremely difficult — but it can be made easier if you have an experienced consultant on your side. You will likely have a million things on your mind during your divorce and a seemingly endless list of todos. Because of this, your financial future might fall to the wayside as you manage and mitigate other aspects of your divorce and family life.

Luckily, The Financial Sherpa is here to help you because you don't know what you don't know. We will work to make you feel better with where you are at and help guide you into making sound decisions based on your situation. With the help of a financial divorce consultant, you can make it through the divorce process knowing that you have prepared yourself for a better financial future.

More about Sophie, The Financial Sherpa Founder founder

Sophie Denis-Helenek is here to empower you with high-quality coaching sessions for divorce consulting, wealth management, and financial coaching. Sophie obtained her Master's Degree at La Sorbonne Business School at age 22 — then working as an Assistant Professor at the Paris University Institute of Technology while studying for her second Master’s Degree in Audit and Risk. After her education, she moved to New York without speaking English to work for Credit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank, where she became a portfolio manager. 

While achieving her education and rising carer, Sophie continued to push her limits by immersing herself in new opportunities — ranging from fencing to rugby and trekking. It is with trekking where she found that no matter how difficult a challenge might seem, a knowledgeable sherpa can show you the way and help you achieve your goals — whatever they may be. It is here that Sophie became inspired to be The Financial Sherpa. 

Just as it is climbing a mountain, there are many large, seemingly impassable roadblocks in life that we must navigate. With finance, it is no different. If you are going through a divorce, looking to become financially literate, or are interested in adjusting your wealth management strategies for the better. In that case, we urge you to get in touch with Sophie today — as she is here to help you summit your financial Everests.

 Sophie Divorce Training / Certification:

    • Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®
    • Certified Divorce Coach®
    • Trained as a Mediator
    • Trained as a Collaborative Divorce Financial Neutral
    • "Divorce to Love," book author

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