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Louis Mediation Services - Chicago, LLC

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Chicago IL 60613

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David M. Louis, MPA, CDFA, is the Founder and President of Louis Mediation Services-Chicago, LLC, with offices in Chicago and Northbrook, IL.

David also serves clients in New York, where he owns Upstate Divorce Mediation.  David moved his physical offices from Albany, NY to Chicago, IL in 2016.

David is an Advanced Practitioner Family Mediator, having received this designation from the Association for Conflict Resolution. He is a Fellow in the Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois, and a Founding Member of the Academy of Professional Family Mediators.

David holds a  bachelors degree in Accounting (1977) and a masters degree in Public Administration (1979) from the University at Albany (NY).

David's first career was in public finance for 32 years, the last ten of which were in the capacity of chief financial officer, overseeing the financial operations of a state government entity with an annual budget in excess of $100 million.

David began his work as a mediator in 2006, and received his CDFA designation in 2013; his practice areas include divorce financial analysis and planning, mediation, and working as a Financial Neutral in collaborative divorce cases.

As a divorce financial analyst, David strives to assist his clients in obtaining a thorough understanding of their marriage's financial situation, and explaining finances in words that everyone can understand.  By empowering his clients with financial knowledge, he can assist them in developing and analyzing options for settlement.

In his role as a Divorce Mediator, David's passion is for helping individuals and families to work through the myriad of financial and parenting decisions associated with ending a marriage.  David prioritizes the needs of his clients to express themselves as to their goals and objectives for the future, acknowledging the lifelong parenting relationship that survives the end of the marriage, the financial realities and challenges of divorce, and the goal of his clients reaching mutually acceptable and informed decisions that will result in an agreement that works for everyone.