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Diane C. Pappas, CDFA® is the Principal and Owner of Solutions For Divorce LLC, an independent, fee-only divorce financial planning firm serving the North Shore, Merrimack Valley and the Metrowest/Boston areas.  Diane is a Financial Planner, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®, a Financial Neutral and a Financial Mediator.  She is a former member of the Board of Advisors for the IDFA™ and is the current Chair of the IDFA's Public Awareness Task Force.  She was the former President and Board Member of The Divorce Center, Inc., (2014-2017) a non-profit multidisciplinary organization dedicated to educating the public and improving the divorce process and minimizing the impact on the family.


Drawing on over 20 years of life and work experience, including her own divorce, Diane helps her clients navigate the complex financial issues they are faced with during and after the divorce process.  Understanding a client’s fears, concerns, needs and goals is paramount to arriving at an equitable agreement that is not only fair, but realistic too.


Services include (but not limited to) identifying and valuing marital assets, addressing cash flow issues, illustrating tax implications of child support and alimony, providing options for the marital home, tax impacting of retirement assets, pension analysis, analysis of equity compensation like stock options (RSUs, ISOs, NQSOs), small business analysis, lifestyle analysis, income analysis and financial projections showing short and long term potential outcomes of alternative settlement proposals.


Diane is passionate about educating her clients and takes the time to explain their current financial condition, offer detailed solutions for settlement and illustrate the future impact of any decision, so that each spouse is informed and empowered with the information they need to make these important decisions.


As an experienced, trained Financial Neutral, Diane plays a key role in the Collaborative process by assisting her clients and the team with the data and analysis they need to reach a fair and equitable resolution outside of the courts.   As a Financial Mediator, she helps couples understand their finances before moving forward with a settlement.  Diane also works with and supports attorneys during litigation or mediation and can work individually or with couples.


Diane is a member of the IDFA and The Massachusetts Collaborative Law Council.  She holds a BA from Dickinson College, PA.

Diane can be reached at diane@solutionsfordivorce.com or 978-833-6144

It's time to take control. Be informed, be empowered and let Diane help you 'calm the waters' with financial solutions.