Monica Ann McCarthy CDFA®, CPWA®, CFA, MBA

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Monica is a Principal and Senior Financial Services professional with comprehensive experience in investments, portfolio management, and sophisticated financial planning strategies. For twenty-six years, Monica has helped clients plan and invest for their financial security. For nearly a decade, she worked in law firms with attorneys to provide investment and planning solutions for high net worth individuals.

Ten years ago, while she ran the investment subsidiary of a major Boston law firm, she began working with one of the Family Law attorneys. Her role then, as now, was to help clients work though the complex financial ramifications of divorce during a highly emotional time. More recently, her investment management clients would find themselves in need of the same kind of help. To make sure she was delivering the most effective and comprehensive service, Monica completed the coursework for and added to her credentials the Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® designation.

Her goal remains to make sure clients will be financially secure once the divorce is final, the assets have been divided, and the obligations have been defined. She accomplishes this by removing the confusion from a scary situation and helping her clients see exactly how different settlement options will look in the real world once they are on their own and facing life's challenges as an individual rather than a couple. 

Experienced in working closely with both attorneys and high net worth individuals, Monica’s expertise can help clients avoid irreversible financial mistakes now and move on with their life with confidence.  Through Northeast Settlement Consultants, LLC, a subsidiary of Seascape Capital Management, LLC, clients can gain a sense of control and have the guidance they need to make informed choices that hopefully lead to positive change in their lives.

Monica is also a CFA® Charter Holder, earned an MBA with a concentration in Taxation from the University of South Carolina, and graduated with a BA from the University of Virginia in Economics.